Teutopolis head coach Chet Reeder talks with Max Niebrugge during a basketball game at the St. Anthony Thanksgiving Tournament Monday, November 22, 2021, at the Enlow Center at St. Anthony High School.

Brendan Niebrugge knocked down seven of his nine 3-pointers Monday against Rantoul at the St. Anthony Thanksgiving Tournament.

"My shots were falling, but most importantly, my teammates were finding me," Niebrugge said. "I got to my spot and I was knocking them down."

The juniors 24-point effort paced the Wooden Shoes to a 69-42 drubbing of the Eagles.

Yet, even with the convincing victory, though, head coach Chet Reeder said that his team looked sloppy from an offensive standpoint.

"Too many unforced turnovers; our spacing was bad, but our defense created a lot of buckets," Reeder said. "We got Brendan going, which was big. It was a good first win for us. We got a lot to work on, but that's a good thing. We want a lot of things to work on after the first game and after a win."

Teutopolis (1-0) finished with six turnovers in the first half but made up for it on defense by creating 12 of Rantoul's 24 miscues during that timeframe.

Overall, the first half, most notably the second quarter, was the bright spot for the Shoes. They outscored the Eagles 22-10 in the period, led by Niebrugge's 12.

"The second quarter was our best execution. We had five turnovers in the first quarter and we cleaned that up a little bit, which turned into more buckets for us," Reeder said. "Our spacing was good, which is what got Brendan some open looks and defense became offense. We turned them over, got some runouts and that's what changed the game."

As for the rest of the team, James Niebrugge finished with 12 points, while Caleb Siemer had nine, and Max Niebrugge had six.















RAN (42) - Mayberry 3, Smith 4, Lee 2, Soto 8, Adkins 11, Caradine 7, Anderson 7. FG 13, FT 12-18, F 15. (3-pointers: Soto 2, Mayberry, Caradine. Fouled out: none)

TEU (69) - M. Niebrugge 6, K. Althoff 11, Ruholl 2, M. Althoff 2, Pruemer 1, Roepke 2, Siemer 9, J. Niebrugge 12, B. Niebrugge 24. FG 28, FT 6-10, F 17. (3-pointers: B. Niebrugge 7. Fouled out: none)


Inexperience showed in St. Anthony's loss to Robinson Monday night at the St. Anthony Thanksgiving Tournament.

The Bulldogs lost 50-36, with one mistake compounding the other.

"Anytime you lose, it's disappointing and anytime you lose in the fashion where you did not play well or anywhere that wasn't as close to our potential, it's even more disappointing. But, at the same time, we knew coming into this week that we had a very inexperienced group," St. Anthony head coach Cody Rincker said. "With a shortened season last year and having that group of nine seniors and a group of seven seniors ahead of him, the seniors this year have not had a lot of opportunities to play in a varsity game."

St. Anthony (0-1) finished with 20 turnovers while shooting 14-of-46 from the floor and 5-of-13 at the free-throw line.

"We rushed the speed of the game," said Rincker of his team's poor shooting. "The closeouts are different, the crowd, the energy in the building is different, and I think that played a major factor. We did have some open looks and some of those open looks went in and out. Sometimes, that's all it takes. If we get hot and you see the ball go in the hoop a little more, the defensive energy changes and sometimes it's as simple as that. Things weren't going in our way tonight."

Craig Croy, who Rincker plans to rely heavily on this year, shot 4-of-15 from the floor and finished with 12 points.

Noticing that Croy may have been forcing some shots didn't seem to bother Rincker, though. He still wanted to ride his go-to guy nonetheless.

"That's a senior who recognizes the situation in the game that we weren't making a lot of shots," Rincker said. "We were asking him to take the ball to the hoop, so he probably forced a few, but at the same time, with how things were going, I can't say that I necessarily blame him."















STA (36) - Westendorf 3, Rudibaugh 6, Stewart 9, Croy 12, Koenig 3, Martelli 3. FG 14, FT 5-13, F 20. (3-pointers: Westendorf, Croy, Koenig. Fouled out: none)

ROB (50) - Loll 1, Schmidt 6, King 14, Jackson 7, Wernz 12, Gilmore 10. FG 19, FT 8-18, F 19. (3-pointers: Schmidt 2, Wernz. Fouled out: none)

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