Weidner signs to Lincoln Trail College

Tyler McCluskey PhotoFront (from L to R): Michelle Weidner (mother), Macie Weidner, Brian Weidner (father)Back: Jayden Weidner (sister)

After a farming accident that almost stopped her volleyball playing career, Macie Weidner has now signed her letter of intent to play at the next level for Lincoln Trail College in Robinson.

"It was really dark and we have no lights on our grain bin and the slide was really hard to shut," Macie said. "When I went to shut it, I dropped my phone with the flashlight on it and my first reaction was to pick it up and it took my arm into the auger and then my dad got me out of it and they drove me to Olney then they flew me to St. Louis. Everything was very scary but it all come out really well."

Macie said that her road to recovery was hard at first. She could not drive for two months and had a cast put on her arm and she said she had a heart splint to protect her stitches but credits her determination to come back from this.

"After my stitches healed they took that off and gave me a splint to reform my fingers and make everything straight to where my hand would be normal again and after that they released me to play a little volleyball but most of it was determination," Macie said.

Her parents, Michelle and Brian said that they were proud and that Macie worked hard to get to this point.

"She's worked hard. She's been playing volleyball for quite some time that was one of the things she really was looking forward to," Brian said. "We're proud to see her go on to do that."

After her accident, Macie thought that her playing career was over but Brian told her that if she wanted to play bad enough that she will play again.

"They got her arm stitched back together and she had her arm but lost a lot of muscle and stuff," Brian said. "I told her 'if you want to play again, you can play again.' And she stuck after it and went back to practicing and we're really proud to see her do what she's accomplished. She overcame a pretty big [thing]."

Macie chose Lincoln Trail College because she thinks it is a great college and is close to home and the environment around campus was friendly. She plays club volleyball so she plays year round. In her junior year, she looked for colleges that she wanted to go to and looked into volleyball programs.

"They caught my eye because they have a really good record," Macie said. "I really love volleyball so I'm super competitive so it really winded up that they have great academics and have a great volleyball team."

Head coach of the Lincoln Trail volleyball coach Dana Goodwin said that she saw dedication from Macie.

"From day one since I've been in contact with her she's been interested in our practices and our open gyms for our spring season and she's been to just about everyone of those and hadn't even signed yet," Goodwin said. "That sticks out. It shows as a coach who wants to play and who wants to be there. At the time, wasn't even on our team yet and she was still coming to our practices and working hard."

Macie plans on majoring in agriculture and getting her general education done and wants to transfer to Southern Illinois-Carbondale to finish out her education.