St. Anthony 2, Teutopolis 0

St. Anthony volleyball picked up a straight-set win over Teutopolis on Thursday.

The Bulldogs won the first set 25-21 and the second set 25-23.

St. Anthony (15-5) had contributions from Anna Faber (one kill, one block, and 27 assists), Elizabeth Kabbes (two aces), Andrea Rudolphi (one kill), Abbi Hatton (three kills), Ada Rozene (13 kills and one ace), Lucy Fearday (11 kills and two aces), and Maddie Kibler (two kills and one ace).

Teutopolis had contributions from Taylor Beuker (one dig and one kill), Jaden Deters (one dig and four kills), Sydnee Huber (two blocks and three digs), Lilly Jansen (one dig, one kill, and one ace), Emily Konkel (four blocks, seven digs, one ace, and one assist), Molly Pals (four digs, two kills, and one ace), Tia Probst (three blocks, one dig, and three assists), Kaitlyn Schumacher (four blocks and two kills), Macy Swingler (three digs and two aces), Sara Swingler (two digs, one ace, and four assists), and Summer Wall (15 digs and one kill).

Altamont 2, Dieterich 0

Altamont volleyball picked up a straight-set win over Dieterich on Thursday.

The Lady Indians won the first set 25-18 and the second 25-17.

Altamont had contributions from Ellie McManaway (12 digs, 28 assists, and four kills), Ada Tappendorf (10 digs, one block, and seven kills), Ella Ruffner (eight digs, one ace, one block, and nine digs), Lauren Walker (three digs and one ace), Della Berg (two digs and three kills), Madison Splechter (two digs and one ace), Briana Hassebrock (four digs and six kills), Brinna Grunloh (two digs), Alyvia Wills (one dig and three kills), and Kadence Wolff (two digs).

Dieterich had contributions from Kaitlyn Boerngen (one kill and five digs), Emily Hall (two kills and one block), Alli Schmidt (six assists and one dig), Breanna Shull (one assist and five digs), Olivia Brummer (one kill and six digs), and Marli Michl (six kills, one assist, and six digs).

Taylorville 2, Effingham 0

Effingham volleyball fell to Taylorville in straight sets on Thursday.

The Flaming Hearts lost the first set 25-19 and the second 25-23.

Effingham (7-14, 1-7 Apollo Conference) had contributions from Bria Beals (five kills and one block), Brueklyn Belcher (two kills and one block), Kennedy Sowell (four kills, one block, and three digs), Krista Phillips (one kill, one assist, one ace, one block, and one dig), Lexi Chrappa (eight kills and 12 digs), Mattie Angel (10 assists, one ace, and four digs), Sawyer Althoff (one assist and 12 digs), Sidney Donaldson (two kills, one block, and three digs), and Tori Budde (10 assists and one dig).

Newton 2, Robinson 0

Newton volleyball picked up a straight-set win over Robinson on Thursday.

The Lady Eagles won the first set 25-16 and the second 25-23.

Newton (16-3) had contributions from Brooke Schafer (one ace, three kills, seven assists, two blocks, and five digs), Laney Hemrich (one ace and one dig), Emma Rauch (one ace and one kill), Jenna Ochs (one ace, one block, and two digs), Emma Oldham (four kills and three digs), Brooke Johnson (two kills, two assists, and nine digs), Ava Kessler (one assist, four blocks, and two digs), Elley Bennett (eight digs), and Amber Russell (four digs).

Cowden-Herrick (Beecher City) 2, Neoga 0

Neoga volleyball picked up a straight-set win over CHBC on Thursday.

The Indians won the first set over the Bobcats 25-22 and the second 25-22.

Neoga had contributions from Sydney Richards (11 digs, six kills, and one block), Sydney Hakman (five digs and one ace), Andrea Burcham (three digs, 10 assists, and three blocks), Ella Shuler (tow digs, nine assists, three kills, one ace, and one block), Avery Fearday (five digs, two kills, and one ace), Gracie Gresens (one dig, four kills, one ace, and one block), Klowee Conder (two kills), and Allison Worman (four blocks, four kills).

CHBC (6-13) had contributions from Tatyana Duckwitz (five kills and four digs), Raechelle Kelly (one kill, five assists, and four digs), Gracie Heckert (three kills, two aces, and seven digs), Madison Wojcik (two kills, three assists, and one dig), Marissa Summers (one kill, two aces, and five digs), Karlee Smith (three kills and one dig), Kaycie Stefanski (two assists, one block, and two digs), Aspen Rehkemper (one kill and two digs), and Kyleigh Wallace (one assist).

Cumberland 2, Villa Grove 0

Cumberland volleyball picked up a straight-set win over Villa Grove on Thursday.

The Lady Pirates won the first set 25-14 and the second set 25-19.

Cumberland (20-5) had contributions from Ivy Ayers (one assist and nine digs), Kennedy Stults (two assists, two kills, four aces, and seven digs), Kendyn Syfert (10 kills, one block, one ace, and five digs), Carly Thornton (19 assists, two kills, and three aces), Mackenzie Taylor (six kills, one ace, and four digs), Zoe Mitchell (three kills, two blocks, and one dig), and Ashton Coleman (two kills).

Windsor (Stewardson-Strasburg) 2, North Clay 0

WSS picked up a straight-set win over North Clay on Thursday.

The Hatchets won the first set 25-11 and the second 26-24.

WSS (13-3, 7-0 National Trail Conference) had contributions from Ella Kinkelaar (four aces, one kill, 23 assists, and one block), Gabby Vonderheide (eight kills, one assist, and 12 digs), Natalie Hayes (one ace, eight kills, five digs, and one block), Halle Moomaw (six kills, one assist, and four blocks), Brianna Hewing (six kills and one block), Kinley Quast (four aces, three assists, and seven digs), Kaylynn Carey (one kill, two digs, and one block), and Ainslie Eident (three digs).


Newton 8, Mt. Carmel 1

Newton tennis defeated Mt. Carmel 8-1 on Thursday.

In singles matches, Emily Probst defeated Camryn Strine 3-6, 6-0, 10-6. Jessilyn Hall defeated Maleah Armstrong 6-1, 6-2. Jean Lin defeated Hope Lane 6-4, 6-0. Kaitlyn Olmstead defeated 6-2, 6-2. Avery Zumbahlen defeated Ashleigh Hedge 6-4, 6-1, and Grace Warfel defeated Elizabeth Hefner 6-3, 6-1.

Then, in doubles matches, Lin and Olmstead defeated Mackenzie Sanders and Hedge 6-4, 7-5, and Zumbahlen and Warfel defeated Lane and Hefner 6-3, 6-2.

Casey-Westfield 6, Effingham 3

Effingham tennis fell to Casey-Westfield 6-3 on Thursday.

In singles matches, Madison Mapes defeated Sydney Carr 7-6, 1-6, 10-7. Aila Woomer defeated Addysen McDaniel 6-0, 6-0, and Izzy Volpi defeated Mackenzie Herlinger 6-1, 6-0.


Brownstown (St. Elmo) 11, Cisne 4

BSE picked up an 11-4 win over Cisne on Thursday.

The Bombers had contributions from Adam Atwood (1-for-4 with an RBI), Brady Maxey (1-for-2 with a double), Wyatt Chandler (4-for-5 with a double and two RBIs), Dalton Myers (2-for-3 with four RBIs), Wyatt Forbes (2-for-5 with a double and three RBIs), Lukas Miller (3-for-4), and Nick Nelson (2-for-3).

Dieterich 21, Woodlawn 6

Dieterich baseball defeated Woodlawn 21-6 on Thursday.

The Movin' Maroons had contributions from Noah Dill (2-for-2 with four runs and two RBIs), Garrett Niebrugge (3-for-3 with three runs and two RBIs), and Pete Britton (3-for-4 with three runs, a triple, and five RBIs). Austin Ruholl, Jaxon Funneman, Sam Hardiek, Jackson Holste, and Lucas Westendorf all had two RBIs, as well.


Robinson Invitational

Newton boys cross-country won the Robinson Invitational on Thursday.

The Eagles had 45 points to win the 16-team event easily.

Senior Nick Zwilling finished first at 16:9. Junior Clay Bergbower was seventh at 16:59.10. Sophomore Luke Weber was 11th at 17:08.20. Junior Nick Shamhart was 14th at 17:20.4. Sophomore Luis Zavala was 15th at 17:28. Junior Owen Mahaffey was 18th at 17:38.7. Junior Ben Street was 24th at 17:54.3. Sophomore Brock Probst was 57th at 19:21.8. Freshman Isaac Street was 60th at 19:30.8, and freshman Ian Bower was 117th at 23:34.

As for other local teams, Effingham finished fourth with 123 points.

Junior Andrew Donaldson finished fifth at 16:41.8. Junior Garrett Wagoner was 13th at 17:18. Freshman Adam Flack was 21st at 17:46.5. Senior Jon Perry was 42nd at 18:48.5. Freshman Aaron Hill was 59th at 19:42.8, and junior Payton Bushue was 99th at 21:58.3.

St. Anthony finished eighth with 173 points.

Junior Griffen Elder finished sixth at 16:42.8. Junior Conlan Walsh was 22nd at 17:49.1. Junior Gio Buccio was 40th at 18:45. Sophomore Aidan Braunecker was 65th at 19:54.9. Junior Max Sager was 66th at 19:55.6. Freshman Calvin Sudkamp was 75th at 20:28.8. Junior Nick Wiedman was 92nd at 21:14, and junior Sam Deters was 107th at 22:31.1.

Cumberland finished ninth with 232 points.

Senior Wiley Peters finished 20th at 17:42.2. Junior Hank Warfel finished 50th at 19:03.9. Junior Jack Pruemer finished 58th at 19:22.6. Freshman Riley Morgan finished 70th at 20:16.2. Junior Michael Beaumont was 71st at 20:17.4, and freshman Rylon Eaton was 111th at 22:52.2.

Altamont finished 12th with 292 points.

Freshman Hayden Summers finished 25th at 18:08.4. Junior Jason Kollman finished 44th at 18:51.9. Junior Dalton Roedl finished 84th at 20:53.3. Senior Tristan Rhodes finished 86th at 21:00.1. Junior Matthew Becker finished 105th at 22:21.7, and freshman Zach Shafer finished 114th at 23:20.1.

Teutopolis finished 13th with 340 points.

Senior Devon Probst finished 62nd at 19:49.8. Freshman Luke Dennis finished 73rd at 20:23.9. Senior Jackson Vonderheide finished 74th at 20:27.7. Senior Toby Isley finished 90th at 21:07.3, and junior Joseph Lee finished 104th at 22:17.

Lastly, Dieterich finished 14th with 341 points.

Junior Jack Bloemer finished 38th at 18:40.2. Sophomore Trevor Niemerg finished 78th at 20:34.1. Sophomore Kaden Einhorn finished 85th at 20:56.9. Freshman Draven Homman finished 100th at 21:58.6. Sophomore Gabe Jackson finished 106th at 22:30.2. Junior Brody Will finished 108th at 22:33.4. Junior Dane Curry finished 113th at 22:59.3. Junior Connor Flach finished 122nd at 23:56.8. Sophomore Eli Hall finished 127th at 26:15.1, and freshman Braylon Williams finished 128th at 26:15.1.

Meanwhile, on the girls' side, Newton finished fifth with 111 points.

Senior Rylea borgic finished fourth at 18:46.5. Junior Alexis Hetzer was 27th at 21:21.2. Junior Heidi Lindemann was 29th at 21:24.2. Freshman Natalie Kistner was 30th at 21:34.1. Freshman Lucy Yager was 48th at 22:22.2. Freshman Ella Radke was 53rd at 22:47.5, and junior Taylor Slough was 63rd at 23:33.3.

As for other local teams, Effingham finished sixth with 113 points, St. Anthony finished ninth with 239 points, and Neoga was 10th with 247 points.

For the Hearts, freshman Jessica Larson finished ninth at 19:37.7. Junior Kayleigh Koester finished 14th at 20:31.5. Freshman Haddie Hill was 28th at 21:22.0. Freshman Morgan Springer was 43rd at 22:18.5. Junior Allison Miller was 47th at 22:21.5. Sophomore Audrey Wagoner was 81st at 25:19.2, and sophomore Gracie Eaton was 102nd at 28:21.3.

For the Bulldogs, sophomore Emma Helmink was 31st at 21:38.8. Freshman Taylor Miller was 51st at 22:29.2. Senior Riley Guy was 83rd at 25:31.0. Senior Macy Rietz was 87th at 26:03. Junior Rilie Willenborg was 95th at 27:02, and sophomore Carry Goeckner was 106th at 29:10.8.

For Neoga, freshman Ani Edwards was 46th at 22:21.2. Senior Maggie Clark was 60th at 23:19.3. Senior Abbagayl Howald was 80th at 25:12.9. Sophomore Lexie Fletcher was 82nd at 25:21.4. Freshman Addison Mast was 96th at 27:27.2, and senior Myah Wright was 107th at 34:08.

As for other local competitors who did not have teams qualify for scores, Altamont sophomore Grace Nelson finished 13th at 20:23.1, and sophomore Makayla Sidwell finished 101st at 27:58.8.

Meanwhile, Teutopolis sophomore Olivia Copple finished 20th at 20:58.9, while sophomore Kaitlyn Vahling was 70th at 24:19.3.

Dieterich freshman Kady Tegeler was 88th at 26:05.9. Junior Courtney Brummer was 91st at 26:09.6, and sophomore Makenna French was 99th at 27:47.9.

Lastly, North Clay sophomore Samantha Westendorf was 103rd at 28:47.7.

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