The North Clay Cardinals win on a walk off to stay undefeated on the season as they won 6-5 over the Woodlawn Cardinals Thursday.

In the bottom of the seventh tied at five, with one runner on and one out, and the count full, Ethan Burkett launched a game winning RBI double to the center field wall to end the game. Burkett said he wanted to stay back on it and drive it to the right side.

“Always stay on the ball. Got to give a shout out to coach, yesterday we were working on that, staying to the right side ad middle of the right because I’m a pull hitter and I’m always pulling off the ball dropping my shoulder,” Burkett said. “I was looking for right down the middle. It felt good, it was the first one of them I had.”

North Clay head coach John Frech said that going into the bottom of the seventh, he told his team that they need one run.

“We had our two seniors come up and I know that they are even keel, they’re not going to get too excited and they know what was at stake and they both are pretty good hitters. So I know that they can play the game,” Frech said.

North Clay could have had an early outing but Woodlawn tied it up on a two run double in the top of the seventh. Luke Fleener said that he was mad that they tied it up but knew that when they came to bat, they had a chance to win it. Woodlawn’s team was excited and making noise, but Frech said that when he came to the mound, he calmed his team down.

“That is not our method. We don’t get excited and we don’t yell and things like that we just play the game the way it’s supposed to be,” Frech said. “I know the other team was doing that and I didn’t want us to get out of sorts, that’s not how we play the game. We don’t play with raw emotion like that. We’re more thinkers. We just got to calm down and play. Play our style of baseball.”

In the top of the sixth, Woodlawn had two straight singles off of Fleener. A little dribbler came to North Clay’s third baseman, then threw it to second then they got the out at first for the 5-4-3 double play.

“Great play there. Collyn Ballard being a freshman came through there. It was a great play by him. He stuck with it,” Frech said. “We got some young guys out here performing and they’re doing a great job.”

“That was a huge play,” Fleener said. “I couldn’t throw a strike at the time and [my] teammates turned a double play and felt good right after that.”