Grace Hakman

Pictured is Grace Hakman with her parents Dana and Chris. Grace has signed to play soccer for Kaskaskia College.

St. Anthony senior Grace Hakman made things official Monday when she signed her letter of intent to play soccer at Kaskaskia College.

Having played as the only girl on the St. Anthony co-ed soccer team, Hakman will now be on an entirely girls soccer team, something that will be new to her.

Since I’ve played with pretty much only boys since such a young age, that is what I am used to,” Hakman said. “But I’m super excited to play with girls in college.”

Hakman is excited to join Kaskaskia, who went a solid 11-5 in the 2019-20 season, saying the team’s success played a factor in her decision.

“I chose Kaskaskia because their women’s soccer program has been very successful, and the coach demands his players to give all of their effort,” Hakman said. “They also have a great campus, and the advisor was super helpful in preparing my academics. Overall, it had that “home” feel that I was looking for.”

Playing mostly as a defensive player for the Bulldogs, Hakman says she’s likely to assume a similar role at the next level, but knows she has areas of her game she wants to improve on.

“I plan to play a defensive position at the college level,” Hakman said. “As far as improvement, I need to work on seeing the whole field at once and being aware of my teammates’ positions so that I know where I’m passing before I receive the ball.”

According to Hakman, playing on a team entirely made up of boys other than herself led to a lot of fun times during practices as well as games.

“Playing with boys, something funny was always happening,” Hakman said “I wouldn’t trade the friendships I made for anything. I’ve loved every minute of my time at St. Anthony.”

Hakman plans on majoring in biology.

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