St. Anthony head coach Cody Rincker has another responsibility on his plate following the announcement he would be taking over as principal of St. Anthony Grade School.

The decision to take the position as well as continuing his role as the head coach of the St. Anthony Bulldogs basketball came after various conversations with people in both his professional life and his personal life.

“Those conversations were pretty substantial,” Rincker said. “Basketball is something that I love and is a passion of mine, but also the school is near and dear to my heart and is a place I care deeply about too.

“The role of principal was a good opportunity not only for myself and my family, but for the community as a whole, so trying to maintain both of those was definitely a topic I discussed with several people, including my wife and Mr. [Kevin] Palmer and several others.”

Rincker has always kept himself busy, between his role as the coach of St. Anthony for seven seasons while teaching fifth grade and obtaining two master’s degrees while getting licensed to become a principal.

“I like to keep busy and I like challenges,” Rincker said. “I like things that push me to better myself and those around me. I think my experience in the classroom for six years as a fifth grade teacher gave me another version of education from the classroom-teacher perspective.

“While I was in the classroom there and got licensed to be a principal during those six years, I also got a second master’s while being in the classroom. For the past six years I’ve had three kids, gotten two masters and coached. I always try to better myself through education and here’s an opportunity to not only do that, but to try to continue to help those around me as well.”

Unlike last season, the Bulldogs will be tasked with having to replace some key contributors on the floor as well as balancing his new position.

“Anytime you take on a new challenge and go through the transition process, the transition is going to persist more headaches just as I’m getting my feet wet,” Rincker said. “On the basketball side of it, we don’t have a lot of key starters coming back, but I do have nine juniors coming back from last year’s team who were all in those practices, pushing those seniors.

“They know my expectations of practice. While we don’t have a lot of gametime experience coming back, we do have players coming back that have varsity practice and varsity culture with them that we’re going to bank on a lot. It’s going to be challenging, but maybe no more challenging than any other year.”

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