Being crowned a state champion is a phenomenal feat. It's hard to do in any sport. But for Teutopolis' Claire Bushur, she was crowned IHSA Class 1A State Champion in discus.

Bushur threw the discus 133' 10" to beat out the second place throw of 132'. Her first throw went outside the lines and then bounced back from that.

"The same thing happened on Thursday and I knew I had to put my nerves behind me because there was no room for that at state," Bushur said. "It was very nerve racking to scratch my first throw. After I got my second throw in, then I felt better."

Bushur threw better last year compared to this year. She placed second last year with a throw of 138' 5".

It was a tad bit windy, but Bushur said it did not effect her in either way. Bushur said her form was good, even through her practice throws.

"I didn't throw any out during practice but they were about the same as my other ones," Busher said. "The last few meets I was definitely not where I wanted to be. I was worried."

When she slung the discuss, she knew that it went far enough to win. But not only did she win in the discuss, she placed second in the shot put. She threw the shot put 44' 3.75". She was just three and a half feet off from first.

"I hadn't been throwing well for sectionals and things so I was going for second because you know Chloe [Lindeman] is amazing and was going to get first," Bushur said. "I was going for second and I was really excited that I got it."

Bushur said that most the pressure was on Thursday and once she got 43' in, she knew to keep pushing forward to get to where she wanted to get. She was close to getting her personal record but missed it but still was very happy that she got that far.

Bushur wasn't the only Teutopolis athlete to compete, as they had a 4x800 relay team place fifth and Morgan Mette placed seventh in the 400-meter dash. Mette ran in the time of 1:01.67. She started at the line with out a starting block, she was the only one without one.

"I've tried blocks earlier in the season but I just feel like they don't help me as much so I was like "eh..might as well not use them,'" Mette said. "The first 200 I feel good and then once I hit the 300, 250 I'm like 'my legs start hurting' and I try to in my mind to be like 'keep your form and just give it your all. Give it what you got left.'

Mette was apart of the 4x800 relay team along with Jessica Runde, Rebecca Habing and Kaitlyn Schumacher. Mette was the anchor and the team was in eighth when the baton was passed to her. She then made it down the stretch and finished fifth. Mette said that with relays, the baton helps her out.

"I do this for my team, my team is counting on me," Mette said. "In opens, it is for me and I want to do really good. I feel like its a different mind set going in. I knew we were close to the end. I wasn't for sure where we were in like eighth or ninth. So I was like 'I either have to keep this spot oratory and keep getting up in front of other people and when I started passing other people, I was like 'I just got to stay sharp and not let them pass me on this last stretch,'" Mette said.

Also for Teutopolis, Isabelle Hemmen and Micah McWhorter placed 10th and 11th in pole vault with jumps of 10' and 9' 6" respectively. Teutopolis finished eighth overall for team scoring.

Newton's team of Claire Carr, Madison Philips, Abby Stone and Brooklyn Herman finished in third in the 4x400 meter relay with a time of 4:06.21.

Carr did not start on a block either but still had a good first 400 meters.

"I've not gone with blocks all year so I figured I should stick with my technique I usually go with," Carr said. "I felt like I hit a wall but I felt like I made my team pretty proud."

"I was feeling good, my first 200 was really fast. I really felt it on the 100 but I was just happy to hand it off," Philips said.

"I felt pretty good on my leg. I made sure to stay in contact with the first 200 and then once I get to the 200 I'm a sprinter at hearts so I knew that was my time to go and I passed on the curve and I ended up getting two people so I was really excited about that," Stone said.

"I felt good for the first 200 and then got to the last 200 and felt the wind. It was a little rough but I felt good about my time," Herman said.

St. Anthony's Sarah Carr finished in 11th in the 800-meter run with a time of 2:26.39. Altamont's Rachel Jackman finished 15th in high jump with a jump of 5' 1".

St. Elmo/Brownstown's Claire Wilhour finished in fourth place in the 300-meter low hurdles. Wilhour was just .02 seconds away from getting third. Wilhour said that her goal was to get in the top-five and was excited about getting fourth and even reached a personal best time.

"I did get off to a really fast start and I definitely felt it at the end but it felt like a good race and I got my best time," Wilhour said.

In the IHSA Class 2A 100-meter high hurdles, Effingham's Kiyah Kuhlman placed third in the time of 14.88 seconds. She was ranked fourth coming into the race and felt good about getting third. She placed eighth in 300-meter hurdles last year but did not make it in the 100. This year, she did not make it in the 300 but made it in the 100.

"I was in the indoor facility doing hurdle drills with everybody and I usually don't come out of blocks until I get to the line," Kuhlman said. "But today I decided to go in the indoor facility and do some block starts I felt like that really helped me a lot instead of doing two starts whenever I did two or three in there and come out here and do two more so I thought that helped me a lot."

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