I want to address the response by Mr. Clayton in reference to my anti-fracking opinion.

First of all, I’m not “complaining” about anything Mr. Clayton, I’m simply expressing my opinion, which others are free to agree or disagree with.

Also, my aim is not to offend or insult, but to raise awareness concerning these issues, in a truthful manner. If my doing so rustles a few feathers, then so be it.

Mr. Clayton:

Climate change caused due to global warming, along with fracking, are directly related. My main concern about fracking is groundwater polution, but it also contributes to climate change.

Secondly, the natural change in seasons has nothing to do with fracking or global warming. And yes, children learn about the change in seasons, probably even before entering grade school.

Third, I cannot afford an electric car or solar panels either, and you have entirely missed the point I was making.

My point is that the science indicates that if we, as a species, don’t drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions as a whole, we will create an environment that is uninhabitable.

The challenge we face is daunting, and there are no easy fixes. Unfortunately, we might have already triggered runaway global warming due to the massive release of methane which has begun in the arctic regions.

Ocean acidification is another major problem.

In closing, our current way of life, which is based upon a foundation of fossil fuels, cannot continue much further into the future. Even if you place the environmental concerns aside, we live on a finite planet with finite natural resources.

We will either learn to live sustainably, or mother nature will force us to do so.

Matthew Kramer


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