Central Illinois, here we go again. According to Springfield politicians, there is now a NEW reason to raise our taxes.

Twice in the last decade, our taxes have been raised. We are being told that if they passed a tax increase, one this last time, it would fix all of our financial problems.

Lower our sky-high property taxes? They’ll fix that, too.

Not so surprising, despite all those promises, Illinois’ fiscal mess is actually worse.

We are hemorrhaging jobs and people, and our taxes are some of the highest in the nation.

Now, they are back again with a deceptive plan to deceive voters into believing all those issues will once again be solved. Only this time, they say it will be done “fairly.”

That’s right.

All you, the voter, must do is give them a blank check this November, and all our troubles will be gone.

That blank check comes in the form of the Tax Hike Amendment (on the ballot this fall), would give the politicians unlimited taxing authority to set the tax rates on anyone at any rate at any time – no limits.

Promoters of this Tax Hike Amendment promise they will only tax millionaires and billionaires, and with that, all our financial problems will magically disappear.

We’ve heard it all before.

Our small businesses and farmers have heard it, too. Promises that this will be the last time, only to be smacked again from Springfield.

Middle and lower-income families in Illinois are already burdened by some of the highest state and local taxes in the nation, including new taxes approved last year, such as doubling of the gas tax, vehicle registration fee hikes, and expansion of online sales taxes, among others.

Today, however, we have an added burden.

COVID-19 has inflicted immeasurable pain.

Businesses being forced into permanent closure with even more jobs lost.

Families are literally struggling to get by.

Illinois already has some of the highest state and local taxes, and we have the honor of having the second-highest property taxes.

On top of all that, the recent discussions are about scaling back the reopening of our economy.

It’s a true breaking point for so many.

It’s not like the Central and Southern Illinois job market was booming before the pandemic.

We’ve been promised jobs only to be handed another (higher) tax bill to feed an ever-growing spending spree.

We cannot; we must not become immune.

We simply cannot bear another massive tax hike.

Despite this being the absolute worst time imaginable to raise taxes, they are plowing ahead.

The politicians and promoters of this Tax Hike Amendment will stop at nothing to get their hands on more of our hard-earned money.

A third tax hike in 10 years, they promise, will be fair.

Sadly, if this Tax Hike Amendment passes, the only people benefitting on Election Day will be the Springfield politicians.

They will be laughing all the way to the bank with our tax dollars.

Ann Deters CEO Vantage Outsourcing , Effingham

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