In a little family restaurant on the border of Utah and Arizona the walls are lined with autographed pictures of all the old western stars and race car drivers back to the 1950s. These were the heroes of kids when we were young — heroes who set moral examples for us to follow. There was no such thing as pornography in their movies like there is in most of the ones our children and grandchildren see today (Not to mention what's on prime time TV). Believe it or not, they really knew how to make good movies back then without it!

On the tables of this little restaurant they have a laminated folder full of things the residents of this small town have submitted for it. One example was a teacher that submitted a little exercise she had done in her first grade class. She had used little proverbs and left sentences unfinished for the kids to write how they thought they ended. Most were hilarious, but the last one should cause alarm and pause to every one of us, as it did to this teacher. It began ”lt's better to be late "... and a little 6-year-old girl finished it with "than to be pregnant." This from a 6-year-old child!

We end this letter with this one last thing. In the middle of this folder in big bold letters was this message — THANK YOUR MOTHER FOR CHOOSlNG LIFE. SINCERELY, GOD.

We believe that a woman's right to choose was choosing the act that conceived a life within her. At the moment of conception it becomes God and only God's choice whether that life lives or dies. There is help for these precious young women with unwanted pregnancies if they will only accept it. Abortion is not the answer nor their right to choose!

Please, please wake up America before it's really too late!

Dick and Nancy Wheeler