About this climate change you talked about in the paper. (Other View, "Climate-change evidence is overwhelming. When will anti-science ideologues get it?" Opinion Page, April 30, 2019.)

Let's go back 25 or more years. The people needed more farmland, so they cut and burned millions of acres of rain forest and still do it. Rain forest the size of England destroyed and burned in 2018 alone. Every tropical country but one are still doing it. That alone has upset our ecology real bad. We get our water, "medicines, etc., from the forest. The forests also suck up hundreds of tons of greenhouse gases.

Why blame the U.S.A.? We've done more than any other country to get our emissions down and have done a very good job of it. You know China, India, Indonesia, etc. put out more emissions than we did during the Industrial Revolution.

So stop the slash and burn which is the main reason, plus the world needs to get a handle on these forest fires all over the world. If we could eliminate most of them just by cleaning them up, just think what that would do to help eliminate greenhouse gases.

We cannot run this country on solar and wind power with no other source of energy. Common sense tells us that.

Tony Conder


P.S. We might look like Mars sooner than we think.

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