It has become very much apparent that the liberal Democrats in Washington are not satisfied with the outcome of the Russia investigation that was conducted by special council Robert Mueller. His findings were that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. And according to Attorney General William Barr, President Trump is not guilty of obstructing justice.

But Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has went on record to say that she believes that President Trump is covering something up. And she and the rest of the liberal Democrats continue to want to investigate President Trump. And haven't ruled out impeachment proceedings.

This needs to stop. And it needs to stop immediately.

The Russia investigation cost the taxpayers of America millions. But evidently the liberal Democrats in Washington have not taken this into consideration. And don't care about how much it cost the American taxpayers. And it has become obvious that they are not gonna stop until they have completed the task that they have set out to do. That being to impeach President Trump. Even though he has done nothing wrong.

And to all who are reading this letter I say this: Whether you like President Trump or not, it's time that we the American people tell the liberal Democrats in Washington that we are opposed to investigating our president any further. They got their investigation. And it was a waste of millions of our tax dollars. Enough is enough. And we should tell them so, folks.

Randy Hicks


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