The alarming humanitarian situation we have on the Mexico border

Can the incompetence of the Biden Administration be any clearer than the alarming humanitarian situation we have on the Mexico border?

Estimates show thousands of immigrants are coming across the border every day. The current situation is out of control and dangerous.

A robust, well-regulated immigration policy is a benefit to our nation and a legacy that should be continued.

While the Biden Administration claims that the border is not open, the New York Times reported that “border officials apprehended more than 11,000 migrants who had crossed illegally” in recent days. That, they say, is “an increase over the 7,000 to 8,000 crossings a day…”

Some of these immigrants are coming across with criminal records. Others come across with communicable diseases. And all others will be an immediate strain on state and federal social welfare programs.

The problem is no longer isolated to border towns and states but is spilling over into the big cities in northern parts of the nation. Mayors across the country, including in Chicago and New York, are complaining loudly that they are unable to accommodate the hundreds being bused to their cities every week. Ironically, these same mayors favored turning their cities into sanctuaries.

The President and his administration are failing in their primary duty to keep our nation secure. Not declaring a national emergency and hardening the borders is utterly irresponsible and foolish.

David E. Smith, Executive Director Illinois Family Action

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