I would like to thank all the Teutopolis Unit 50 voters who voted for me, 417 to be exact (20.20%). I also want to congratulate Michael Ritchie (22.09%), Courtney Tegler (29.89%), and Erin Ordner (27.81%) for winning their seats, which I lost.

Teutopolis voters who wanted their opinion to matter voted and the rest voted by their silence with a turnout of just 21.24% compared to 78% in the previous Presidential Election. It is typical that this election has a much lower turnout. Still, 25% – 30% is more typical of this election. Call it the Trump fatigue.

Realistically, the Presidential election in Illinois is already decided before we vote. Still, it is super important to vote and the turnout of the Presidential election is evident of that in most people’s mind. I would argue, on the local level, the school board election is much more important for turnout. This is the vote that your vote makes a difference! Property taxes, curriculum, teachers, administrative staff, buildings, etc. are all affected by the vote for School Board.

If turnout were 78% for this election, majority of opinions would matter! Everyone wants their opinion to matter but the way it stands, only 21.24% really thought theirs should.

I urge you all to make ALL elections as important as the Presidential Election.

Thank you and God Bless!

Brandon Pals


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