Recently articles have been published about the recycling efforts in the area. ("Tighter restrictions cause recycling headaches," Page A1, May 25, 2019.) Because the Centenary United Methodist Church has drastically curtailed their recycling program and no longer accepts paper, it was suggested the Teutopolis Paper Depot might be an alternative facility. Questions have arisen as to what we accept inside the paper barn in the large cardboard boxes.


Magazines (plastic mailing envelope removed.)

Office paper.

Computer printouts.

Paper bags.

Shredded paper.

Please remove paper clips or other fastening devices, whether plastic or metal, and the plastic envelope on periodicals and other correspondence. Shredded paper (also called confetti) should always be put in the bottom of an empty box, removed from its container. If multiple large bags of shreds are brought in, please place them to the side so volunteers can take care of them as we have available space.

There are plastic barrels inside the barn clearly marked for plastic bags. (A chart on the wall lists acceptable bags.)

Aluminum cans and other aluminum (foil, pie plates, etc.)

The large cardboard boxes are for acceptable paper products only.

All cardboard should be flattened and put in the containers outside on the west side of the barn.

Many times we volunteers have found items that are clearly not acceptable – are not even paper. Examples are clothing, dish towels, china, silverware, CDs, eight-track tapes, framed pictures, sports equipment, food, to name a few. But there are also examples of items that related to paper or comprised of paper that we cannot accept.


Hardbound books, catalogs (ie.; encyclopedias.)

Laminated paper, laminated banners, laminated blueprints.

Padded bubble mailers.

Corrogated cardbaord mailers and boxes.

Wire or plastic bound calendars, notebooks.

Ringed binders.


Waxed milk cartons, coffee cups.

Plastic bags, plastic bottles.

Aluminum cans, aluminum foild.

Paper cups, rubber bands, fastening devices.

Gift bags with rope or fabric handles.

String, twine, plastic banding, wire, bows, ribbon.

Wastebasket material (ie., Kleenex, food wrappers, baggies.)

The volunteers at the Teutopolis Paper Depot want to keep the recycling service available to the area. Please help the effort by separating and only recycle acceptable items.

Mark Leuken

Teutopolis Paper Depot Manager

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