The weather still was quite cold outside when we noticed some pregnant mares online. Two years ago we started the process to birth a foal (baby horse). To no avail we were not successful. On this particular day it was snowing, we purchased a young mare heavily in foal. Just before we could pick her up, she lost her baby. God had other plans; another pregnant mare was substituted for the poor mare that lost her baby.

This new mare was built like a brick ... she was big and gorgeous. On a side note, she kicked like a mule and bit like a crocodile. No one could touch her at all. Quite a traumatic ordeal would not describe the loading process and getting her home.

Every day at home we brushed her with a broom. Every day she kicked like a mule and bared her teeth to us and shook her head profusely to tell you to stay away. Every day our success was an inch closer to taming her. The WOW moment she gave us was the gift of seeing the birth of her beautiful blue roan filly. The minute we removed the sac off of the baby’s head she whinnied. Birth is a true miracle. We work on this mare daily, she is a great momma, but we still cannot touch her. Her approach circle has gotten much smaller and she tolerates us being a little closer each time.

Many individuals are stand offish about their faith. Recently, I met with my daughter’s bible study for military moms in Idaho. One of their greatest fears is standing up for their faith. We as Christians are guilty of not wanting to offend anyone or to be critiqued ourselves. So I personally believe that just like the approach was to the mare, we cannot just dump Christianity on people. However, we must stand up for our own faith. The mare as an example: We had to stand back and use a long handled broom. As with people we need to stand back, sometimes, and just live our lives in love. Show others no matter their status how much you care. Do small favors for, all no matter their status. Take a smile, for example. Smile at someone and it can have the ripple effect. It is like a pebble dropped in the water, the ripple goes on and on.

It is acceptable to tell people that something is immoral. Sometimes people do not know, no one has taught right from wrong. So on the flipside we need to be bold and, for example, tell them that abortion is the killing of a child. We may have to tell them that living together without a marriage covenant is a sin. But we do not need to dwell on it; just let them know that God is forgiving, gentle and kind. Take the slow approach, brush them from a distance, calm them, and show them a life of love.

Live your faith by loving, caring and praying. It does not take big things to stand up for your faith, just START.

I had no idea why this mare came to us, but she has given us a beautiful filly. She has given us patience and taught us just because someone or something may be stand offish doesn’t mean they are not a good parent or friend. Just remember they may have been hurt or put in an environment that now they do not know. Hang in there, pray for direction and believe that what you gain for living faithfully is far greater than anything you will lose.

Lisa Rexroat


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