Standing up for the unborn

“We are the Pro life generation, yeah!”

That is one of the chants that the kids shared at the Pro-Life March in Springfield. We attended mass with over 2,000 people, listened to great speakers at the rally. We then marched around the Capitol with several thousand youth and adults alike. Afterwards we went into the Capitol and sat up in the gallery.

What I noticed is that these youth really are the pro-life generation. They have witnessed the overturning of Roe vs. Wade and their enthusiasm and joy was contagious. One thing the kids noticed was that the 20 or so pro-abortion individuals looked very unhappy and grouchy. We outnumbered them by thousands. Why do you think they would be so unhappy? Maybe because they have pain from previous abortions or just don’t trust our Lord.

One fun thing that happened was a bird flew down and landed on a candle, it was as if the Holy spirit descended down with tongues of fire. God has a sense of humor. The kids were able to speak their mind and receive joy doing so.

What will you do to step up your game? Will you inform others of how abortion takes the life of a real human being? Will you hold that mother’s or father’s hand and be the solution and not the problem?

How can we aide those in need if we are condemning them on the side lines? Mothers and Fathers need our support. So take time to support, visit or just pray for women expecting an unexpected miracle.

Look at that generation and listen to what they have to say. Visit the Capitol and let our legislators know what your stance is on LIFE.


Lisa Rexroat, Dieterich

Bank solvency solved!

It’s obvious that the bankers and finance types are moving too fast for the poor, understaffed, overworked federal examiners.

Why don’t we just have the Federal Election Commission give the bankers political donation details to the examiners so they know where to look?

The donations to the members of the House Finance Oversight Committee could be weighted double!

John Webster, Altamont

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