St. Joseph is known as patron saint of families, fathers and workers. St. Joseph is not mentioned a lot in the bible. He is quoted for the one word he said and that was the most important word. It was the “WORD” himself “Jesus.”

St. Joseph may not have been mentioned very many times in the bible, but remember he was the protector of Jesus and Mary. He was Jesus’s father on earth and teacher. He may have been silent but he was the strength of the family. He provided and protected his family. It is very important that we pray for St Joseph to intercede for us during this trying time of the battle of overturning Roe vs Wade here in the United States.

Yes , I am Catholic, for those of you that think we worship saints. We do not. We ask them to pray for us in heaven just as we ask a friend to pray for us here on earth. So I am asking each of you to pray and fight for the innocents. The ones whom cannot speak for themselves.

As I spoke with someone today, this is not about religion. It is about standing up for the innocents. A doctor will tell you that a baby can be removed from the womb in a matter of minutes if there are medical emergencies. Then the child will be given a chance to live or die. This is much easier and healthier on the mother as well.

With an abortion the baby – not glob of tissue – has no chance and the body is ripped apart inside the womb. She does not have to go thru the mental or physical stress of the what ifs of an abortion. Also abortion can cause women to not be able to have other children or actually cause so many other physical and mental issues.

I have spoken with so many women that regret their abortion. Adoption is the best option. They have suffered with this weight for years. I have sidewalk counselled and prayed at the abortion clinics. You should try it someday. These women are put through hell.

When they get the proper counseling it is amazing the relief they feel. So I am not spouting this off the top of my head. Any woman who has had an abortion needs to be forgiven, and helped with healing.

Any man that had a child taken from him needs counseling. Men should have a say about the future of their child as well.

But there is always the situation of rape. We must pray about that as well. But two wrongs have never made a right. The baby is still biologically half of their mother. This makes it so tough.

But most of all we must love each other as a family and hold the other’s hand and support them instead of pushing them to abortion.

Adoption is the other option. Babies are a gift, no matter the situation. I ask that you pray for this decision. I pray that St Joseph will intercede and help us to build the family back up and bring unity again to have strong faithful marriages and family.

Don’t forget to put your shield of armor on to stand up and protect God’s children.

That armor is prayer.

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