I have a few questions about the Jefferson Avenue renovation project to accomodate outdoor dining. What and where are the results of the parking survey taken of downtown merchants views on this survey as it affects parking spaces that would be lost? How many total spaces would be lost? Did restaurants approach the city with this idea for outdoor dining or did the former mayor and city council approach the restaurants with this plan?

One of the restaurants has its own private parking lot that could be used for outdoor seating. How many days a year is outdoor ding even feasible considering the weather conditions in our area? What if a restaurant would close after all of this is done?

There are alternatives for outdoor dining that would not have to be a permanent change. Yorkville, Illinois has outdoor dining that can be taken up and removed when necessary. What about safety issues with pedestrians walking closer to the traffic flow? What is the cost of this project for the city and also what is the cost to the restaurant owners?

The paper says the estimated cost of this project is a million dollars. ("New Effingham council takes action on projects," page A1, May 9, 2019.) Is this the best use of Effingham city taxpayers' money?

Karen Probst


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