Recently, I was one of the earlier people to come upon the scene of a serious automobile accident south of Effingham on Route 45. It would have been much better if the accident hadn’t happened; but it did.

And it showed some of the good in the world. It showed several strangers stopping to help however they could. It showed our emergency responders controlling traffic, extricating someone from a vehicle, and providing first aid. It showed witnesses speaking with law enforcement to explain exactly what happened. It showed a young man having the courage to stop and assume responsibility for his actions where a less courageous and principled person would have tromped the gas, left the scene, and hoped no one could identify them.

It also showed a young lady showing incredible composure under extreme pressure. With blood running down her face and her leg trapped in her mashed car, one would have expected her to be sobbing or screaming uncontrollably. Instead, she was calm and composed with the presence of mind to call her mother, explain that she was in an accident, assure her she was going to be ok, and ask her to meet her at the hospital.

She then called her supervisor at work to tell her she wouldn’t be able to work her shift as she was in a serious accident and couldn’t make it to work that day.

I was impressed. I was very impressed.

With all the strife and division going on now on a wide variety of issues, it is all too easy to focus on all the bad things in the world and in our lives. The problem with that is we then miss all the good things.

My ask is that we all attempt to focus on the good things, let the people around us know that we care, and remember that we’re all just people trying to do our best.

Jeff Workman, Louisville

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