It’s sad the way people are turning away from Jesus and His word.

We can thank our government leaders, churches, feel-good Bibles, and feel-good pastors, and so on. They are taking a lot out of the Bible. People don’t know or care. Just make me feel good and I’m okay.

But we forget there is a judgment day coming for all of us. We are getting so close to the rapture, you can almost feel it.

There are people that don’t know who Jesus is or care. What a sad day. Jesus said, the days of Noah will be the same as the coming of God (Jesus). With all the evil things going on all over the world.

Just look at what the Dems are trying to do, changing laws to fiT what they are trying to do. Impeach, they have been trying from the day and before Trump got in.

Other goals are to take our guns away so we can’t fight back. They took guns away from the Jews before World War II, and they took them away from the Indians. That didn‘t work very good for them, are we going to let them do it to us? Wake up! Now they are getting people drugged up so they don’t know what’s happening. What a sad day for us.

But Jesus told us in Matthew 24 (KJV) things to look for and His coming. Read the Bible or the news. It sounds the same, evil and more evil, killing, fighting, wars of all kinds, fire all over, something new almost every day. They want a world without Jesus. It is coming. If you don’t make the rapture, you will see it. Turn to Jesus now and go home with Jesus in the Rapture, and miss the seven years of hell on earth.

Ronald Cress, Strasburg

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