As a Federal Firearms License (FFL), and small business owner, I am fully aware of factions In our legal system that are both pro and con to our second amendment rights. There are also some whom seem to believe we FFLs are not regulated and taxed enough, nor does Illinois have enough firearm legislations and fees in place.

On the 23 of May I received a letter from the Illinois Sate Police outlining the regulations and procedures implemented by the new Firearm Dealer Licensing Certification Act (430 ILCS 68). "All FFLs who wish to continue doing business in Illinois MUST be certified by the Illinois State Police by July 17 2019, or have electronically submitted their application to the ISP by June 17, 2019, in accordance with Section 5-10 of the Act."

One will either be a retail or non-retail location. You will either be charged a $1,500 fee or a $300 fee accordingly, as well as other burdensome and egreious rules and regulations. I see no exceptions for those of us who neither buy nor sell firearms, but do gunsmithing and/or gunstock work excuisively. We are still required to carry the Federal license and comply with all federal/state laws and record regulations.

I for one feel outraged and eviscerated as I am now being regulated, fee strapped, and forced out of business by the new greedy Illinois establishment.

A concerned Findlay rural small business owner since 1994,

Kenneth E. Donnel

Pad-n-Checker Gunstock Service


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