Attention Jasper County School District Taxpayers: At the last School Board meeting the board voted 6-1 to issue by backdoor referendum a bond for $300,000 for working cash. Backdoor means they don’t trust the voters so unless a petition signed by 667 voters to request an opportunity to exercise their right to vote within 30 days the bond is a done deal. Why a working cash bond? Because apparently the board has spent the entire working cash fund in half a year.

Now for the “biggie.” At the same meeting the board voted to issue debt certificates to be followed by converting these to a 20 MILLION dollar bond later, again by way of another backdoor referendum bond. lf you look at the board agenda item C under new business you will see that between retiring existing bonds and the 1% sales tax this ”should lead to no tax increase as a direct result of the projects these funds would cover.”

ln my opinion, MIGHT would have been a much better word. This is one of those half truths because the taxes you will pay next year will go UP almost 10% due the increase in EAV. So just take your last year tax bill and add 10% to it and that “should” be very close to what you will pay.

Right now we, the taxpayers, have to get petitions carried to be signed by registered voters just to be able to exercise our RIGHT to vote. My opinion and many others is that backdoor, as in sneak around back so no one will know, referendums should be illegal to begin with. Because of Covid 19 there will have to be many people getting petitions signed by voters in their bubble of family and friends to get the required 667 signatures in the short period of time.

I will deliver petitions to anyone who wishes to help put this on a ballot. My home phone is 217-683-2344.

Andy Pullen


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