Good judges bring integrity back to Illinois’s courtrooms

When we think of who has the power to make a difference in Illinois, we mostly turn to our lawmakers. Oftentimes, we forget that Illinois judges can make just as much of an impact. And, given Illinois’ increasing lawsuit abuse problem, good judges are in high demand right now.

In November, Illinois voters were given a choice – they could vote for good, impartial judges, or judges who may use their power for the wrong reasons. Luckily, Illinoisans made the right choice, and our courts are all the better for it.

What makes a good judge? Ultimately, it comes down to fairness and impartiality. Good judges do not use their position to change the laws. Instead, they leave that to the lawmakers and use their power for what it was intended – to uphold and interpret the law to the highest standard.

An effective judge makes for a more effective legal system – something Illinois is in dire need of these days. Now, thanks to the decisions made by voters in November, we are a step closer to bringing fairness, justice and balance back to our courtrooms.

Rob Arnold, Watson

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