I have read the two articles in the paper regarding the request of the Tipsword family. ("Remembering Effingham County residents killed at Pearl Harbor," Page A1, May 24, 2019 and "County eyes policy for honorary road signs," Page A1, May 15, 2019.) If what I am reading is correct, Mr. Keith Tipsword's family is requesting a section of road near his home be named in his honor. I do not understand why the Effingham County Board would not support their wishes.

The Tipsword family will be paying for the sign, all the county board would have to do is have the spot Julied (checked for utility lines) and erect the sign. Yes, there would be mowing around the sign, but you have to mow that area, anyway.

We have a great historical courthouse full of knowledge about our service men and women. Why wouldn't we continue this tradition of honoring our service personnel who gave the ultimate sacrifice?

Debbie Ballinger


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