Leaders in the construction industry have spent decades working to identify, implement and fine-tune jobsite safety practices. Construction Safety Week, May 6-10, is a recognition of that progress, but also a national, industry-wide call to action to promote safety best practices and the importance of an uncompromising commitment to safety in the construction industry.

At ABC Illinois, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure all construction workers go home in the same—or better—condition than when they arrived on the jobsite.

As part of this decision to work safe, ABC Illinois is launching a Safety Academy in the fall of 2019 aimed towards Owners, Principals, Seasoned Safety Professionals and Vice Presidents. The Safety Academy is designed to help attendees understand the importance of leadership commitment,

cultural transformation and safety management processes in achieving a zero-incident job-site.

The Safety Academy goes beyond the “technical” side of safety and explores the emotional and behavioral components; this will separate safety from one of many priorities to the core value upon which all decisions are based. This in-depth, two-full-day exploration of what it takes to transform your safety culture and mindset will be led by leaders from both contractors and owners, and most of all, will establish the trajectory of your organization towards world-class safety performance.

To learn more, visit abcil.org

Alicia Martin

ABC Illinois