I was disappointed and saddened that the EDN chose to run the cartoon of the inauguration (Ramireztoons) in the Friday, Jan. 22 edition; especially in view of the fact that the front page read “46th President appeals for Unity to Take on Crisis.” The cartoon is on the editorial page, yet it takes on no political ideology, but faults disabilities.

Is this in reference to Mr. Biden’s history of stuttering, a disability he has worked hard on mastering, one in which 3 million Americans are dealing with? If this is so, shame on you. Or, is this in reference to “word salad,” a mixture of unrelated words, associated with dementia? I listened to the inauguration and reviewed two different replays of it. There is no slurring or mispronunciation of any words, so I assume the cartoon is in reference to Mr. Biden’s age. There are 20 million Americans over 75 and most are sharp and well-functioning, as per Dr. Fauci.

Who is the cartoon trying to alienate? It seems a poor way to bring together the people of the U.S. Political banter I can handle, but trying to belittle someone due to a disability or age has no place in the EDN. We should be better than this.

Dan Niebrugge


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