As a foreign exchange student at EHS of 1976-77 I spent one year full of experiences, getting to know American hospitality, acknowledgement of personality by teachers and even a little bit of the spirit of early settlement by people from different countries including Germany.

I later came to Illinois several times to visit friends, only ones undertaking a trip beyond Illinois, thus Effingham for me is the mirror of American life. Of course the crossroads of opportunity is always changing; I am aware for example of the near disappearance of dairy farms in the county.

Is the desiderate of the 1977 Signet “Speak your truth quietly and clearly ... Avoid loud and aggressive persons” still followed in Effingham?

Best regards from Germany.

Ralf Eyssen,Luckenwalde, Germany

P.S. Anybody of Effingham having the opportunity to visit Germany is most welcome at our home near the city of Berlin.

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