This is my first letter as a Christian ever written to a newspaper but I feel it is time to speak out.

Effingham has a beautiful Cross at the Crossroads by our interstate. Christianity is a prominent religion of our city. Our forefathers came to this area because of religious persecution. They had a great faith in God, and this area continues in that faith.

How sad that the City of Effingham decided to follow through with their decision to remove the Cross mural that was painted by our local talented artist. And what timing! Shortly after the Christian celebration of Easter! Even though we were sheltering in place, our faith could not be extinguished!

The removal of the Cross mural comes at a time when Christians are being told they cannot go to church because of the coronavirus. What an insult that the Cross mural was taken down especially at this time, although NO time would be the correct time!

Also, what timing as this decision comes shortly before a possible 2020 high school graduation at the football field! Just what message does the removal of the Cross on the mural send to our children and grandchildren who go to Effingham High School? The EHS students are already going through enough turmoil with the schools being closed due to the coronavirus! But the graduation attendees can not be prevented from reflecting and meditating on the beautiful large Cross in the actual skyline given to us by God, our Creator!

Should the City of Effingham have caved to one individual who complained? Or one organization from Wisconsin? Should the city have been fearful of a lawsuit? Should they be in the business of fear mongering? Fear is paralyzing!

What will be next? Now that the city is fearful and weak with the removal of the Cross mural ... could this be just be just the beginning? Will the city allow the Nativity set at the Courthouse Museum grounds to be removed? Or the lighted Nativity set at the Christmas in the park be removed? Or perhaps Santa Christmas displays at the park be removed because one child objects and doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, as ridiculous as that would be.

God help us! Do not be ashamed of Cross! Be courageous! Do not cave to a couple complaints! The majority should rule! Don’t be the silent majority!

Pat Milleville, Effingham

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