I was taken aback by the column in the EDN on Sept. 4 by Jim Schultz. (“America shouldn’t gamble on personality to choose next president.”) He feels we should not pick our president based on whether he is a good and decent man. So we should pick someone who is not a good and decent man?

Mr. Schultz proposes we should pick a president by his accomplishments, then lists several by Mr. Trump, but I have difficulty with his numbers. These are the most recent figures that I found from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

1) Record low unemployment for African Americans: 13% 2020, 8.5% 2016.

2) Record low unemployment for Hispanics: 10.5% 2020, 5.4% 2016.

3) Record low unemployment for women: 8% 2020, 4.3% 2016.

4) GDP growth rate more than twice previous administrations.

Growth of GDP for presidents, from Hudson Institute:

Kennedy 4.3%

Johnson 5.3%

Nixon 2.8%

Ford 2.6%

Carter 3.2%

Reagan 3.5%

G.H. Bush 2.2%

Clinton 3.8%

G.W. Bush 2.1%

Obama 2%

Trump 2017 to 2019, 2.5% (Forbes) 2020 -4.9% (estimate).

Let me add a few other “accomplishments.”

5) A recession

6) An impeachment

7) Failure to respond to Putin putting bounties on American soldiers

8) 188,000 and counting deaths from corona virus and one of the worse responses to the pandemic in the world.

9) Starred in The Apprentice for 14 years

10) Six bankruptcies.

Joe Biden is more than a good and decent man. He was the sixth youngest person ever elected to the Senate. He chaired the Senate Foreign Relation Committee and the Senate Judicial Committee, earning praise for working with both sides of the aisle. He led the Senate to passage of the Comprehensive Crime Control Act in 1984 and the Violence Against Women Act in 1994. He presided over the Bork and Thomas Supreme Court nominations, again earning praise for his bipartisanship. He was vice-president for eight years and was instrumental in passing the bipartisan Budget Control Act.

As Robert Redford said in his support of Joe Biden, “Empathy and ethics are not signs of weakness. They are signs of strength.”

A good and decent man needs to be in the White House.

Dan Niebrugge


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