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Never forget. This is the phrase shouted to the world about the Holocaust for us to never let perversities of Adolf Hitler or his like ever occur again. A related to question to you, the reader, is “what will you remember in two years?”

The election has come and gone. The votes have been counted, and a winner has been announced. This is old news now, but there are still some people who refuse to believe facts. Why?

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What do you seek? With all the chaos going on, press the pause button, take a step back, and look. Ask yourself this question: what are you looking for?

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Attention Jasper County School District Taxpayers: At the last School Board meeting the board voted 6-1 to issue by backdoor referendum a bond for $300,000 for working cash. Backdoor means they don’t trust the voters so unless a petition signed by 667 voters to request an opportunity to exer…

Since last March school board members across Illinois have faced uncertainty, fear, and loss. Faced with historic challenges, school boards have been forced to make many heart-wrenching decisions in response to a sometimes rapidly changing landscape. School board members meet these challenge…

On this upcoming Veterans Day, I encourage all Illinoisans to take a moment to honor and thank our veterans who bravely and honorably served our country.

This election was one of the most important in our lifetime because of the long-term consequences it will have on our members’ livelihoods, the political discourse, and the overall health of our country and state. We are proud of the work our members did finding new and safe ways to engage v…

The Illinois State Historical Society (ISHS) welcomes the ongoing public discussion about monuments and commemoration in the Prairie State. Communities across Illinois face decisions about the presence of commemorative statues, monuments, and memorials and the naming of public spaces and buildings.

As a foreign exchange student at EHS of 1976-77 I spent one year full of experiences, getting to know American hospitality, acknowledgement of personality by teachers and even a little bit of the spirit of early settlement by people from different countries including Germany.

Given the cast of characters in the Democratic party and their young socialists, I believe we will some day be a socialist nation. But please do your part and don't let it happen this Nov. 3.

All the Democrats are saying that this tax will fix everything and lower our property tax and if you believe this, l may have some ocean side property for sale cheap in Arizona.

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SPRINGFIELD – Gov. J.B. Pritzker said Wednesday that he stands behind his decision to prohibit high school football for the fall season amid the COVID-19 pandemic, even as professional and many college leagues have decided to resume play.

We can’t say when it will happen or how. Maybe more Democratic officeholders — why, hello, Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Mayor Lori Lightfoot — will work up the courage to call for the speaker of the Illinois House to step down. Maybe state party officials humiliated by the relentless percussion of…

A recent opinion piece by community member Jim Schultz (“America shouldn’t gamble on personality to choose next president,” Sept. 4, 2020) pleaded with area voters to avoid choosing the next President based on personality. I agree personalities can be irrelevant for leadership, but there’s a…

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I was taken aback by the column in the EDN on Sept. 4 by Jim Schultz. (“America shouldn’t gamble on personality to choose next president.”) He feels we should not pick our president based on whether he is a good and decent man. So we should pick someone who is not a good and decent man?

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I am an American, a card carrying Democrat and a resident of Effingham County. I am proud to be an American in spite of our problems, and I am proud to be a Democrat with high hopes in Mr. Biden but right now I am struggling to be proud of being a resident of Effingham County. Let me explain.

In reference to the Letter to the Editor on Aug. 14 by Charles Heuerman, “America, wake up! Nothing is free.” I know Charles is speaking about material things, but it reminds me of Revelations 22:17: “And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.”

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