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We thought the Effingham County Board intended to have a serious discussion on Wednesday about “reopening” Illinois. That’s why we devoted so much newsprint in that day’s paper to State Rep. Blaine Wilhour’s plan to do that.

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We’re as anxious as anyone for the local economy to get rolling again. The plan to do that regionally proposed by Rep. Blaine Wilhour of Beecher City has its merits. It also raises questions – but any plan worth considering should be able to stand up to questioning.

We feel the frustration that drove state Rep. Darren Bailey to file a lawsuit challenging Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s extension of the state’s “stay-at-home” order, which has caused incredible hardship in our community and across the state. We think Bailey raises important issues regarding the stat…

A primary argument of Gov. J.B. Pritzker and legislative supporters of a graduated income tax is that we can trust them. We can trust them to use additional money it would generate to shore up the state’s finances. We can trust them not to use it to come up with new ways to spend money. We c…

In a time of national despair, Congress rushed to pass an economic stimulus bill aimed at assisting individuals and businesses — both large and small — whose financial status is jeopardized by the ongoing and open-ended national economic shutdown.

When a coronavirus infection advances through the body in more severe cases, the lungs begin to fill with fluid and breathing becomes difficult. In a hospital intensive care unit, life-saving ventilators can help a patient survive by pumping oxygen into the impaired lungs. But what if thousa…

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Thanks to coronavirus, the phrase “social distancing” has entered the social consciousness. It means to avoid crowds and personal contact, such as shaking hands.

Remember the original threat-level warning established by the United States following the Sept. 11 attacks? The since-abandoned color chart gave the degree of alert under which the country should be.

It is an odd thing to seek unity at the outset of a heated presidential campaign, but, on the heels of a historic impeachment vote and a contentious State of the Union address, oh, how we yearn for something like it.

As corruption scandals worm through the establishment Democratic Party, Gov. J.B. Pritzker finds himself with new and unexpected leverage. He can push for meaningful ethics reform in Illinois government by removing the barricades his own party’s leaders erected in the past. Those Democrats a…

Gov. J.B. Pritzker has announced that he’s backing an ambitious criminal-justice reform package he wants the General Assembly to pass this year.

A new report by the Office of the Inspector General of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services counts 123 children who died within a year of family contact with DCFS. In some cases a state worker, a neighbor or a professional required by law to report suspected child abuse di…

We often tell visiting out-of-towners that they’ll know they’re in Effingham when they see the big cross at the side of the interstate. It’s a better signpost than any signpost. For many who live here, and those who visit, The Cross at the Crossroads represents Effingham.

For much of the past two years, ominous clouds have hung over America’s trade relations with the rest of the world. It’s too soon to forecast blue skies and pleasant breezes, but the weather is improving.

Alaina Hampton, one of several women who came forward with sexual harassment allegations that rocked Illinois Democratic circles, has settled a lawsuit against political committees backing House Speaker Michael Madigan. Yet in some ways, Hampton is just getting started in demonstrating what …

About a month ago, Gov. J.B. Pritzker released a task force report calling for the consolidation of downstate municipal fire and police pension funds and called for quick action by the legislature to pass it into law.

When you say the name John Cullerton, our editorial board thinks of an afternoon in early January 2017, when the president of the Illinois Senate sat next to then-Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno in our board room and said “enough.”

Public officials in some states see income taxes as the path to economic salvation, a surefire way to pay for what programs legislators can come up wit h.

The impeachment fat was already in the fire. Last week’s partisan vote by the full U.S. House of Representatives to proceed with a formal impeachment process produced a roaring blaze. It won’t be long before the impending conflagration starts claiming victims.

When top state officials discuss the need to invest more resources into the Department of Children and Family Services to produce better results, people, generally speaking, understand why.

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