Willie Love

Happy New Year to all. May this year bring you closer to the knowledge of your purpose and the knowledge of your creator. May you learn to maximize the manual for life as a creation. This is one of the greatest times for the father positon.

2020 is a peculiar time for creation. It is a time of completion. The manual for creation, speaks to this in many ways (ref.-Philippians 1:6, Psalms 138:8). This is a season and time that the father position is to be maximized. I have been unctioned to write to the fathers that have failed and quit, to get up and get back in the race. The race is to perfect that which has been committed unto us as fathers. What has been committed unto us? Wife, children, neighborhood, city, state and country-WORLD.

There are a many men that have been maintaining the father position in our society and have been doing a great job. You are much to be commended for your commitment. I ask that everyone viewing this article pray for those fathers for they have been front line fathers. THEY NEED HELP. This is why I have been unctioned to write this article. To revive and speak life to all the fathers that have become casualties in life, due to life.

The more fathers we have upholding the father position according to the manual, the lighter the load is on the next father and the better neighborhood, city, state, and country-WORLD we live in. This is the power of the father position. The less fathers we have being the father we were created to be, the more people we have being the people we were not created to be. We were created in the Creator’s image and likeness. This is why He gave us a manual to guarantee whatever malfunctions or is broken we would know how to correct and restore it.

Again, the father position is one of the most powerful positions in our world. It is also one of the most fought positions in our world. The adversary of the Creator and its creation is consistently fighting to kill steal and destroy the creation and that which has been committed unto them. The most effective way for the adversary to get this done is to go right for the source, the father position.

I want to take time to acknowledge every woman that is married and have children. The value of the wife to the father Position is beyond determination. The Creator was so considerate when He provided the wife. The support and help that the wife/mother provides for the father position is amazing and necessary. The father position in the earth can not truly be maximized fully without the wife/mother.

I ask every father that has an opportunity to read this article to recognize the mother of your children with flowers if you are married to her. If you are not married to the mother of your children, say a prayer for her and make sure you’re being the father you’re created to be. If not, ask the Creator to forgive you and strengthen you to be the father you are created to be and watch the Creator heal the relationship with you and your children.

Every woman that has birthed children and is not married to the father, I beseech you to seek direction from the Creator on how to entreat the father of your children. If you need to forgive the father, please do so, so that the Creator can began to heal and restore him to his created purpose.

The Rev. Willie Love is senior pastor of Brook of Life Church in Effingham

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