Willie Love

Greetings to all that have been readers of the columns that I have been given the honor to write thus far. I have not written since the month of July.

On July 1, 2020 I experienced a stroke due to bleeding in the brain. At about 3:30 in the afternoon my wife recognized signs of my having a stroke and she immediately rushed me to the hospital, where they immediately detected I had bleeding of the brain. I was flown to St. John’s Hospital in Springfield for further treatment.

I’ve since been released and on to a miraculous recovery only by the grace of God. Miraculously, there was no permanent damage. The months of July and August were my most challenging, with memory and thought processing difficulties. I am better able to process my thoughts than I could initially after the experience. I am grateful to once again be able to express my thoughts in writing.

I am anxious to write because of the awakening I experienced during this life-threatening experience. When I was released from the hospital, I realized the safety and peace my position of Father provided to my children. I was able to talk with my younger children every day while I was hospitalized and even wish them a good night sleep and pray with them as I regularly did every night. The only difference was the phone. But I was there. My presence was still occupied.

It was my youngest daughter who witnessed me not being able to button my shirt and having motor skill challenges. She went and told her mom, “ I think dad’s in trouble.” She was able to see one of my older sons help me to the car as my wife rushed me to the hospital. The children knew something was wrong, they never knew how serious it was. They had no idea their father was hanging in the balance of life and death. Thank God I was covered in the blood.

What my position as Father meant became so clear when my wife and children picked me up from the hospital. It was amazing. Because I am a man of faith and stood in faith, I trusted my Father God to get me back home to my family. I was truly ok. I realized the comfort and peace of my position as Father to my family when they picked me up.

My wife was at St. John’s every day and night. In the presence of taking care of the children and maintaining her responsibility with her career she stayed by my side daily until I was released.

On the way home my wife drove, which is very unusual because I do that. I drive the family wherever we go. I saw a very tired woman drive with a relief and comfort that only a Father could see. I observed my children laughing and talking with a sense of comfort and safety that everything was good again because Father is back in his position.

I cannot explain the blessing it was to know and realize that my wife would not be a widow and my young children would not be without their Father.

God is so good and I thank him for allowing me to see more. I know there are many who have lost their husbands and Fathers. God is the only One who knows why He allowed me to remain. As a Father, it is my commitment to be the best Father, husband, brother, friend, author, columnist, and pastor I can be in the sight of God.

This time I got a chance to truly see the power of the Father position myself, up close and very personal. It is the greatest privilege ever.

Thank you for reading these columns. By the grace of God there will many more to come.

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