Marilyn Wirth

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children through the bloodstream.”

- President Ronald Reagan

These freedoms were fought for in previous generations through the shedding of their blood. It’s not a genetic inheritance, but an historical and philosophical inheritance, paid for in blood, not unlike our salvation. If you’re a Christian believer you know what I mean. We must always continue to learn from our heritage, in order to keep what was fought and died for.

Why? Because there will always be those who want to take it away. There are human, and yes, even demonic forces, who will want to lie and deceive in order to gain control of the masses. Their arrogance is that they think they know better, as to what is good for us. But as the saying goes, “The road to perdition is filled with good intentions.”

So we have to watch for, what they call, the tyranny of the majority. Even if the majority is slim, maybe 51%, they will want to change the “rules” for everyone. There are even unelected, long-term bureaucrats, such as Dr. Fauci, who have had the power to influence policies and set the agenda, as far as these Covid lockdowns are concerned.

What is freedom? Pope St. John Paul II and Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen often quoted President Abraham Lincoln by saying, “Freedom is not the right to do what we want, but what we ought.” But constant vigilance is required to sustain true religious and political freedom.

This is where morality comes in. We all want to do what is right. But who determines what is right? There are many differences of opinion. There are quotes from our founding fathers who have said this Republic will not survive without a moral citizenry. That’s the only way this unique experiment of self-governance will succeed. But what we used to believe was moral and virtuous has changed. The cultural rot has been obvious to those who have eyes to see. Once what was seen as good is evil and what is evil is good, as the Bible predicted. They have distorted our words and language to have new meanings. Gender and sexuality have been redefined. Our grandparents would never have thought there were more than two genders.

So to understand the mindset of a conservative thinker, you only have to realize they respect our country’s founding principles. It is based on a reverence for our Creator, from which all our rights derive from, not from the State.

Do progressive thinkers want to change those ideals, because they claim they’re outdated? Yes! That’s why they have the need to remove God. His teachings are an impediment to their social agenda. Their new mantra is that we have to “reimagine” how we do things. We’re told old traditions have to change. We have to evolve, get with the program, and not be on the “wrong” side of history.

But what if we think their changes are wrong for our country?! These changes are not based on science, statistics, morality, logic or practicality and common sense. Also, I dare add the concept of compassion, which is another word that’s been misconstrued and misappropriated. The same with the Nazi references. Hitler did not reveal his true agenda to the German people until it was too late. History can repeat itself.

So when the government comes up with more rules and restrictions that are implemented for the sake of our own common good and public safety, a conservative’s “radar” goes up. How many of these God-given rights are we expected to relinquish for these purposes, concerning our freedom of movement and freedom to assemble?

Is this what we ought to be doing? How much control is necessary? Is another form of identification, proving our vaccination status, really necessary? Democrats seem to think requiring a regular form of ID should not be required to vote. If so, they claim that’s voter suppression! Jim Crow! Most who say this have not read this Georgia bill. So using their logic, shouldn’t requiring a proof of vaccination ID card, in order to be admitted to a local restaurant or at an airport, or for any other gathering, be considered suppression of our rights too?

I definitely think some fear-mongering is going on in order to get us to comply, but it’s coming from the Left. We need to put ourselves in the shoes of these small business owners, who have bent over backwards to comply with these state mandates, mostly at their own expense, in order to keep operating, all while suffering a diminished customer base because of state occupancy restrictions. What proof does the state have that these onerous requirements will actually be beneficial and truly necessary?

Some conservatives will, in fact, argue it’s Orwellian, it’s Big Brother, it’s letting “the camel’s nose under the tent,” or the “slippery slope,” if you will. But aren’t we close to reaching herd immunity? Mankind, or should I say humankind, to be politically correct, has been surrounded by viruses and germs since the beginning of time. Sadly, some people die. But how long do we have to live in a protective bubble?

I have chosen to hold off on being vaccinated. I wanted to wait and see if there would be any bad reactions and side effects. We’re hearing now that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is being “paused” because of claims of causing blood clots. Also, as a Pro-life person, I also shudder at the knowledge that embryonic stem cells had been used in the research and development of the vaccines, in varying degrees.

Our own Catholic Church hesitantly granted their blessing on receiving the vaccine, especially if you are in a high risk group. However, the comments made by Pope Francis were “cherry-picked” when the media reported he said it could be seen as a moral obligation, in order to protect yourself and others. But then they left out the second half of what he said, when it could also be seen an ethical OPTION. Even the Pope believes in the freedom of choice, using your God-given free will. I also thought the Pro-abortion women believed in this also by arguing it’s “My body, my choice!”

It’s true that far too often, when people on the Right share their truly held beliefs and concerns about these progressive solutions, they are criticized, mocked, and even shamed. Too bad there isn’t a vaccine to protect us against the cancel culture mentality! Our freedom of speech is on a slippery slope. Many conservatives believe debate is dead, mainly on college campuses, social media and the sports and entertainment world. The big corporations are running scared and are bending to the “woke” mob! Debates with conservatives have been canceled. This is our sad state of affairs.

We won’t have to worry about foreign powers, or their viruses, destroying us. We are destroying ourselves from within. This has also been a prediction based on the study of history and the collapse of past civilizations.

We have so much division on a whole variety of issues. Out of control immigration problems and government spending, gun control and social justice unrest, with more riots and protests expected. We’re seeing destruction without consequences. Their logic is No Justice, No Peace. However, is this the right way to bring about reform? To delve into these issues would involve more separate opinion pieces!

I wish I could be more positive. I think we definitely need God’s help more than ever now. We can’t solve all these problems on our own.

As the Bible also says, “Man’s ways are not God’s ways.” Our people have to turn back to God and seek His Divine Intervention. Some skeptics say prayers are not enough, that we need more rules and regulations. But what they haven’t figured out is that the criminals won’t follow them!

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