Douglas Robert Small

Alter much thought, I have decided that I can no longer sit back and observe. My desire is that perhaps every citizen of these here United States will read my words and also decide it’s time to take a stand.

When I entered the Army I took an oath that “I promise to preserve protect and defend the constitution of these here United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. As I recall I (we) were taught in basic training that this oath does not expire at the end of your service. It remains a part of you to the end of your life or until you die, whichever happens first. I (we) were also taught that we are obligated to follow and obey every lawful order that we be given. We were also taught that we are obligated to disobey every unlawful order that we be given and “by God, you better know the difference.”

It is my understanding of our history that our forefathers formulated our constitution as a device of protection against oppressive and tyrannical rule. This document may not be perfect but let us not forget that it is the best document in the world that any group of men has ever created, and let us also not forget that I (we) have pledged to preserve, protect and defend Her.

Therefore let it be known to all that should I ever be instructed or ordered to disregard any part of the provisions of my constitutional protections I will be obligated to consider this an unlawful order.

Furthermore, I will be obligated to consider this a threat to the existence of the very document I have vowed to protect. Furthermore by the very words that come forth from anyone that says it is no longer necessary; they have declared themselves to be a threat to eliminate what I have vowed to preserve and protect, by their own words they have declared themselves to be an enemy and therefore I will not tolerate such behavior for as long as I live.

So, a reminder to all military, law enforcement, politicians and everyone who has taken this oath, if you are faced with the possibility of losing you paycheck or whatever, your dignity and possibly much more is at risk should you ever choose to ignore your obligation to this vow.

As Lee Greenwood put it:

And I’d gladly stand up next to you

And defend Her still today

‘Cause there ain’t no doubt

I love this land

God Bless the U.S.A.

Would someone please explain to me how the creation of three separate powers in our Constitution is intended to function in regards to being a tool to insure that power is not being abused by any one institution?

It occurs to me that from day one of Mr. Trump’s campaign to the last day of his term in office, the focal point of his message was, “Let’s make America great again.”

It occurs to me that from day one of his campaign to the last day of his term in office, the message from the Democratic party has been a deluge of hate speech deliberately focused on ensuring his demise. (Review all of the evidence introduced in the impeachment hearings times two.)

The evidence clearly imparts to me the message: OK Mr. Trump, we have vowed to ensure your demise and that vow trumps our oath of office. And any attempt from you to limit our power to do so will only inflame us in our quest. You have been trumped, Mr. Trump.

So my question is: How does President Trump respond to his ability to use the cards at his disposal and limit the use of those that are allowed in the Constitution in order to not be found in violation of his oath of ofiice?

The office of the president (the executive branch) is effectively told, “You are powerless to do anything about it.”

U.S Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Maryland, the lead House impeachment manager, stated in the hearings, “We’ve got the power to impeach the president. The president doesn’t have the power to impeach us,” with a huge smile on his face.

While the judicial branch watches and sends the message, “If you insist on playing kindergarten, more power to you. Go right ahead.” A clear violation of responsibility mandated in the Constitution regarding checks and balance in the use and misuse of power.

I will argue that President Trump did not violate his oath of office. All the tools he used are in fact provided for in our Constitution. (Read it)

I will argue that Congress (Democratic party) ignored their oath and put a vow to a vendetta ahead of their duties.

I will argue that the justice system turned a blind eye and abdicated their responsibility. It’s time for the blindfold to be removed from Lady Justice. It’s time for all political parties to stop the war and allow the elected to focus on their duties for the good of “One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

Yes, my opinion is just that – my opinion. But it is definitely subject to the court of public opinion. The unity we seek and desire will never come as long as we continue down this path. The only obstacle in our way is our own pride. Learn some humility. Take your pointing finger and turn it backwards. Ask not who we can blame, but ask what did I do or not do to get us where we are? Seek forgiveness and become adults.

And make America great again!

Douglas Robert Small lives in rural Altamont

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