Stephen McNaughton

Stephen McNaughton of Effingham Submitted

Stephen McNaughton, 38, of Effingham describes himself as a Democratic-leaning independent voter who was previously a self-described Republican.

“I lean more Democratic now,” said McNaughton. “Sometimes if the candidates are bad enough, I might just not vote for anybody. I’ll just leave it blank, which is perfectly fine. I’ll just leave it and skip to the next one because I just, in good faith, can’t.”

On issues including the environment and health care, McNaughton says he changed his political affiliation.

“I became more conscious about the environment and health care and things like that,” he said. “So that made me start moving a little bit around on issues.”

McNaughton and his partner, Ron Zimmerman, have been together for 15 years and McNaughton describes himself as spiritual but not religious. He owns an online eBay business and is worried how small businesses like his will be affected by the collection of an online sales tax that the U.S. Supreme Court recently allowed.

“Every state has different rules,” he said. “Even in Effingham, you have multiple taxing bodies so it could become complex for a small person like me to navigate something of that caliber.”

McNaughton also says he is concerned about the potential impact if the Affordable Care Act is completely scrapped.

“I think the people should have a way to get health care that is affordable and that people shouldn’t go bankrupt because they don’t have health insurance because they can’t get it.”

Keith Stewart, Daily News

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