Pat Smith

Pat Smith of Effingham holds a 1969 edition of the Beecher City Journal with an article about her being elected mayor of Beecher City.Keith Stewart photo.

Pat Smith, 81, of Effingham, is a lifelong Democrat who has never voted for a Republican.

"I was born and raised a Democrat and hopefully I die as a Democrat," said Smith. "It's even on my tombstone."

Smith credits her father and grandfather for her political views and says she has always had an interest in politics. In fact, after both her grandfather and father served as mayors of Beecher City, Smith was elected as a write-in candidate in 1969.

"I’ve always been active," said Smith, who still recalls going with her father to a Democratic rally when she was 3 years old.

Smith describes herself as religious and is retired from working for the Secretary of State for nearly 30 years as a driver's services representative.

She voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, saying the time was right for a woman to be president.

"I am pro-choice and I like to see women get a little credit and I don’t know that she would have done any worse than what we have now," said Smith.

The former Beecher City mayor credits Trump with some of the economy's success but says she doesn't like his behavior when it comes to comments about women and other individuals.

"I think he has some good ideas but I don’t think he’s a people person," said Smith. "...I don’t like what comes out of his mouth a lot and that one comment he made about grabbing the women by their you-know-what, I thought that was just downright nasty. And he doesn’t ever apologize for anything they prove he said or did."

Keith Stewart, Daily News

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