Larry Banbury

Larry Banbury of Effingham. Keith Stewart photo.

Larry Banbury, 82, of Effingham, says he is a former Democrat turned Republican after a former boss persuaded him to flip his party affiliation.

"I agreed with his philosophy a lot more — the concept of a person taking care of themselves and you making your own choices not society making the choice for you," said Banbury. "That’s the way it ought to be. Democrats seem to think, ‘OK, we’re going to help the people and tell them what’s best for them and not them make the decision.’"

Banbury describes himself as religious and pro-choice.

"I definitely agree with pro-choice," said Banbury. "That’s the only fair thing in my book. You have to choose either the baby or the mom. And if mom has been here a while, I’ll take the mom. And that’s where I come from."

Banbury is divorced and has five children, five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. He is a former photographer and printer but currently works for the USDA as an assistant to the loan specialist.

Banbury also previously served as a Republican precinct committeeman and as a treasurer for the Effingham County Republican Party.

The Effingham man says he supports Trump because he opposes the establishment.

"I like the fact that he doesn’t owe the establishment anything," said Banbury. "I don’t like (how) he handled his getting elected but maybe he wouldn’t have gotten elected if he didn’t."

Banbury says he also likes the new tax law and the progress made so far with North Korea.

"Even if he never gets anything done with North Korea, I’m impressed," said Banbury. "Him getting as far as he’s got on that, to me, is amazing, even if he never gets anywhere else."

Keith Stewart, Daily News

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