Erin Mueller

Erin Mueller

Who will be there as you enter this world, screaming loudly?

Who will help if you are struggling to breathe?

Who will give you your first bath?

When you are 8 years old, who will be skilled enough to start your IV before and comfort you with a Popsicle after your tonsillectomy?

When you are 13, who will be there to assist and manage your pain from a broken wrist?

When you are in a car accident at 16, who will comfort and help stabilize you in the ER?

Who will be there when you are having your own baby and she’s trying to arrive too early?

Who will be there when you are diagnosed with cancer at 24?

Who will hold your hand as your child goes into surgery to have her dislocated joint reset?

Who will be there as your grandparents age to explain the process to help you determine the best plan of care?

Who will be there with you at your loved one’s final breaths?

Who will do all these things and more, through times of uncertainty, through new and unknown viruses? When visitors are restricted, when staffing falls short, when the world is unrecognizable, when fear and panic and turmoil is all around, who will continue to be there?

Have you ever given thought to the fact that while God alone sustains your life and determines its course what type of person is most consistently there in so many defining moments, in big ways and small ways, offering skill, compassion, humor and care?

Who? A nurse.

Erin Mueller is a Registered Nurse at HSHS St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital.

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