Gary and Kimberly Rhodes run a business in Effingham that deals with estate planning, and retirement planning.

Kimberly Rhodes retired from Illinois State Police after 28 years, where she was a public service administrator in the Central Office in Springfield.

She is the third generation in the police line of work, with her father and grandfather both being sworn Illinois State Police officers. She struggles with the fact that professional athletes and movie stars collect exorbitant wages, but professions like police officers, nurses and teachers are examples that can't compare in salaries, but do so much for the communities where we live.

Gary Rhodes, 68, attended the Trump Inauguration in 2016 and he considers himself mostly Republican. Kimberly Rhodes, 62, said she doesn't necessarily like being labeled to any specific party, although she considers herself mostly Republican.

Gary and Kimberly came from strong Democratic families. He also serves as an Election Judge in Effingham County. His wife has also served as an election judge in the past here.

“Family's political traditions shouldn't play a part in today's voting, because parties have changed, said Gary.

“As an American voter, we should look at who is the best candidate for our country and the people,” said Kimberly.

Gary and Kimberly been married for 18 years. He grew up Catholic. She grew up Methodist.

They teach Sunday School for fourth and fifth graders at Christ's Church in Effingham where they are members. He is a Teutopolis High School graduate and Lake Land College graduate in the civil engineering program. She is a Taylorville High School graduate. After some years living in Springfield, they've resided in Effingham for eight years.

-- Dawn Schabbing

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