Voter profile: Vickie Dasenbrock

Vickie Dasenbrock

Vickie Dasenbrock owns a bar in Newton and teaches yoga in both Newton and Effingham. She is a Democrat with strong opinions against President Donald Trump.

Now 63, and self employed, she said it wasn't until the campaign and election of President Barack Obama that she took a serious interest in politics. She also volunteers with Meals on Wheels.

She's also an adoptive parent and believes in women's rights. She is pro-choice.

“Women's rights issues have been a major concern of mine,” said Dasenbrock. “As an adoptive parent you'd think that would make me pro life, but I'm pro choice. Every situation is different for the woman.”

She wishes the U.S. could put Barack Obama back in the White House, but due to the 22nd Amendment a president can only be elected two times. So, she knows that won't happen.

“I'm a big Obama fan,” said Dasenbrock. “Give me him back."

-- Dawn Schabbing

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