Voter profile: Shirley McEvers

Shirley McEvers

A Republican first, turned Democrat later, Shirley McEvers grew up in the Effingham-area, then spent some years in Ohio raising her family.

She is retired as a manager of shipping for Eddie Bauer and Spiegel Corp., catalog retail. She had also served on planning and zoning and Old Hilliard Commission, both which were zoning boards in Hilliard, Ohio.

“I became a Republican and voted for Ford in 1976.” said McEvers. “I was a rebellious teenager and wanted to go in the opposite direction of my parents.”

McEvers, 63, of Effingham has helped raise eight children, between her own, her husband's and theirs together.

Now, a Democrat, she is a regular attendee of Effingham County Board meetings.

“I was born in Effingham County and was raised on a dairy farm in Green Creek,” said McEvers.

She recalls the “milk strike” when she was a child, during the Nixon Administration.

“Milk was 99 cents a gallon. Their families were starving,” said McEvers. “The middle man was making money, but not the farmers,” she said.

She believes in the couple's right of choice and was raised Catholic. She is the offspring of two strong Democrats. She stayed a Republican until 1993.

-- Dawn Schabbing

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