WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Mary Miller, R-Oakland, released the following statement ahead of Wednesday's discussion and vote in the House of Representatives to impeach for a second time President Donald Trump:

“I join my colleagues in denouncing the violence that occurred in the Capitol last week. It was a very sad day in our nation.

"What this country desperately needs now is unity and healing. Impeaching the President with just 8 days left in his term will only divide us further. Each passing day spent on these articles is an opportunity lost to working on the priorities of our American families. President Trump will leave behind a legacy filled with remarkable achievements, including the protection of the unborn, creation of the world’s greatest economy, the restoration of American manufacturing, historic deregulation, secure borders, the negotiation of fair and balanced trade deals along with promoting peace around the world. I will oppose any articles set forth to impeach our President and pray for the immediate peace we need.”

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