Abbey Turner, left, and Amanda Breeze, right, walk through downtown Effingham on a cold day in January 2019.

Effingham may see its first snowfall come Monday, according to a National Weather Service in Lincoln meteorologist.

Meteorologist Scott Baker said there is a chance for less than half an inch of snow on Veterans Day, but weather models could change by then.

“With it being so far out, it could be nothing, or it could be more,” Baker said of the possible snow fall.

Baker said that Thursday night’s low was expected to be 20 degrees, with the windchill dropping the feel of the temperature around 13 degrees. Friday night is expected to slightly warmer, with a low of 22 degrees. Baker said Friday’s low should remain around the 22 degree mark as chances for that temperature to go up or down is slim.

Winds are expected to die out by Saturday, Baker said. The NWS has forcasted a high of 49 degrees for Saturday with a low of 36 at night, and it will be sunny for Effingham High School’s afternoon round two playoff football game.

Baker said another cold front is set to move into the Effingham area Monday morning, bringing the chance of snow flurries with it. Monday will be mostly cloudy with highs reaching to just 34 degrees and a low of 15 degrees.

Tuesday’s temperatures will not reach freezing, with a high of 28 degrees. Baker said Tuesday night through Wednesday morning will bring temperatures in the mid-teens, right around 15 degrees or lower.

The Effingham area has not experienced temperatures below 15 degrees since March. Baker said on March 7, the recorded low was 10 degrees.

“It seems we’ve skipped right over fall and went into winter,” Baker said. “We’ll have a cold spell next week with cold air moving in.”

The last time Effingham saw snow was March 4, and Baker said March 5 and 6 had a low of 2 degrees.

Baker said the second half of next week will warm up to the 30s. Despite cold temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday, Baker said it will be sunny.

The NWS, Illinois Emergency Management Agency, Illinois Department of Public Health and Illinois Department of Labor are encouraging people to begin preparing for extreme cold, snow and ice. Though the official start of winter is not until Dec. 21, some parts of Illinois have already seen snow.

The Illinois agencies reported that in terms of weather, 2019 has been a record-setting year in Illinois. A Polar Vortex that covered most of the Midwest at the beginning of the year, including blanketing Illinois with life-threatening temperatures for several days. According to the NWS, the coldest temperature on record occurred on Jan. 31 when the mercury dropped to negative 38 degrees near Mt. Carroll in Carroll County. The previous record of negative 36 degrees was set in 1999.

IDPH Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike urged Illinois residence to be aware of the dangers of hypothermia, which is when a person’s body temperature drops below 95 degrees Fahrenheit. It can occur both outdoors and indoors and can be fatal. Infants and the elderly are particularly are risk for hypothermia.

The Department of Labor recommends layering clothing and making sure plenty of liquids are ingested to avoid dehydration. The NWS suggests drivers should have blankets, non-perishable food, boots and extra clothing in their car should they become stranded.

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