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Sandy Lowe of St. Louis, left, makes a purchase from Henry Adkins, center, and Shorty Adkins, right, earlier this year at the Farmers Market on the Effingham County Museum lawn.

EFFINGHAM — An Effingham County Board committee on Tuesday discussed whether farmers market vendors should move from the county museum lawn to the sidewalk in an effort to preserve the grass.

The Building and Grounds Committee discussed the issue, but made no formal recommendation to the full board. Board Vice Chairman Joe Thoele said there are bare spots on the Effingham County Museum lawn because of tables and stands set up by farmers market vendors.

“I like them out here on the lawn. I like this lawn, and I like to see it used,” Thoele said. “We don’t need all those bare spots out there, and there’s ways to prevent that.”

Thoele said some vendors are using mats to stand on during the four-hour Saturday morning farmers market, but not all do. Thoele suggested providing 4-by-8-foot mats for the vendors to stand on and for the vendors’ tables to be moved to the sidewalk.

The area next to the Santa House on the lawn, Thoele said, is where one vendor has used a mat. He said the grass there gets matted down, but does not create the 3-foot bare spots that line some parts of the lawn.

Thoele spoke with farmers market President Dianna Miller, who said there was at least one vendor who, during the Sept. 7 market, put a stand on the sidewalk. Thoele said some people complained about long lines caused by having a vendor on the sidewalk.

Seeding for new grass will start this week, Thoele said. Board Chairman Jim Niemann attended the meeting and said he wants to get new grass on the lawn before the weather turns cold.

“I’d like to get some grass in there before the winter season,” Niemann said.

The farmers market continues every Saturday until the end of October.

Meanwhile, Niemann brought to the committee a discussion on tearing out a dead-end sidewalk on the museum lawn. He said there is no point in having a sidewalk that leads nowhere.

Thoele said he would check with the city and other entities to see how the sidewalk could be taken out.

In another matter, the committee tabled a discussion on receiving estimates for the county building elevator maintenance contract. Repairs to the elevator were completed in July, but the elevator broke down again for a short time in early September. The elevator is up and running again.

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