Gov. Bruce Rauner has not publicly said whether he will veto or sign recently proposed gun control measures. But a man who spoke to the governor in Altamont says Rauner assured him he’d veto such bills — with one possible exception.

Appearing at a Lincoln Day Dinner in Altamont Sunday afternoon, Rauner made his entrance at the Carriage House, where he shook hands before speaking for almost 15 minutes.

Prior to Rauner’s public remarks, Justin Oseland of Cumberland County approached the governor to ask what the governor will do about the gun control measures passed last week by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. The two could be seen talking for a couple minutes.

“He said I have his support for the second amendment, and (he) will veto all of the bills, with maybe the exception of bump stocks, if they can come to some sort of consensus,” Oseland said of his conversation with the governor.

Oseland went on to clarify that the governor said he would veto those bills currently “in the works.” According to the Associated Press, last week the Illinois House approved a bump-stock ban, a minimum age to purchase assault-style weapons and state licensing of gun dealers.

The Cumberland County man added that Rauner seemed open to a ban on bump stocks, which modify semi-automatic weapons to make them fire faster.

“His answer wasn’t exactly straight to the point,” said Oseland. “He just said he may be open to working with something on bump stocks ... not necessarily a full ban, but some type of bill regarding them.”

Rauner declined to answer questions from reporters before departing Altamont.

The Associated Press reported last week that Rachel Bold, a spokeswoman for Rauner, signaled the governor’s support of a bump-stock ban and that he was “encouraged by the “‘bipartisan conversation.’”

A spokesman for Rauner’s campaign provided an emailed statement when asked Sunday if the governor will veto any gun control legislation.

“We have to do everything we can to protect our citizens, protect our second amendment and not burden our small businesses,” said Will Allison, referring to the gun dealer licensing bill that is on the governor’s desk. “The bill just got to the Governor’s desk and he will look at it very closely.”

When then asked to respond to Oseland’s remarks claiming that the governor said he would veto some of the gun control measures, Allison, in an email Sunday night, said, “The Governor will carefully review all bills that are sent to his desk.”

Oseland, meanwhile, seemed pleased with what he claims Gov. Rauner said Sunday afternoon.

“I came explicitly to ask him about the gun bills,” Oseland said of his conversation with the governor. “I’m thrilled.”

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