Four-term Altamont mayor ousted by political newcomer Jason Rippetoe

Jason Rippetoe

ALTAMONT — Jason Rippetoe says it's time for a new mayor in Altamont.

"I have the willingness and drive to be an effective mayor," Rippetoe said. He is challenging four-term incumbent Larry Taylor.

Rippetoe, 35, said his business and construction experience would help him guide the city in the best possible way. He suggested that the current administration has been sloppy when it comes to planning — and financing — infrastructure.

"There needs to be more planning and fiscal responsibility," he said. "We need to make sure we can get everything we can out of each dollar spent."

Rippetoe said he would immediately work on improvements to city streets, as well as the drinking water treatment process. But he also wants to use the mayor's office to stimulate growth in the city.

"I would like to see Altamont grow," he said. "I want to give families every opportunity to come to Altamont and build. I really want to see the community improve for the next generation."

Rippetoe is a graduate of Altamont High School and attended Southern Illinois University Carbondale before beginning a career in construction and trucking. He works as an electrical and trucking contractor.

He is a member of St. Clare Catholic Church in Altamont, as well as the Knights of Columbus.

Rippetoe is married to Amy and has three children.

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