The Effingham Daily News will discontinue publication of the syndicated "Non Sequitur" comic strip after learning Monday that a panel of the weekend strip published Saturday contained a scribbled, vulgar message to President Donald Trump.

The scribbled message in the panel appears to read, "We fondly say go (expletive deleted) yourself Mr. Trump."

Wiley Miller, creator of "Non Sequitur," told the Washington Post on Monday that he placed the message in the strip several weeks ago out of frustration with the White House and had forgotten to remove it.

The Daily News, which does not publish the daily "Non Sequitur" strip, will drop the Saturday strip, effective Feb. 23. The Feb. 16 Weekend Comics section has already been printed with the "Non Sequitur" strip included. There are no offensive messages in the Feb. 16 strip.

"We're disappointed that 'Non-Sequitur' contained this hidden vulgarity directed toward the president," said EDN Editor Jeff Long.

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