EDN Bicentennial Series, Part 3 Timeline: 1866–1940

1866 – Attorney Benson Wood went into business for himself after his law partner moved away from the Effingham area.

1867 – The Springfield and South-Eastern Railroad was chartered.

1868 – Charles Heilgenstein built a steam-powered flouring mill.

1876 – Attorney Benson Wood was named by the Illinois Republican Convention one of the delegates to the National Republican Convention.

1884 – Grover Cleveland was elected for his second presidential term as 24th President of the United States. Cleveland was also the 22nd President of the United States.

1894 – Effingham Attorney Benson Wood becomes the Republican nominee of the 19th Congressional district.

1896 – Illinois Governor John Peter Altgeld, during his 1896 re-election campaign, stopped in Effingham to address a crowd from the steps of the Effingham County Courthouse.

1912 – Woodrow Wilson was elected President of the United States.

1914 – World War I begins

1915 – The Liberty Bell makes stops in Effingham and Altamont on a cross country tour to The Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco.

1916 – Woodrow Wilson is re-elected as President of the United States.

1917 – Congress passes the Selective Service Act

1918 – Relatives of Lewis E. Brewster were informed of his death in France.

1918 – World War I ends in November

1938 – United States Congress names Nov. 11 Armistice Day a Federal holiday.

1939 – World War II begins

1940 – Heart Theater opens in downtown Effingham.

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